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15 days to go to Just One Day

Naked Leader Week – 24 – 6 October 2003

Only 15 days to go to Just One Day, thank you for all of the e-mails, now received from over 200 countries, and for the ideas posted on the site. The day will arrive, happen and then pass with no fanfare or PR, just thousands of people al over the world helping a friend or stranger through an act of kindness. Thank you also to all of you who have asked if it will happen in 2004, yes indeed.

Last week’s nakedweek prompted a bumper response…I am sorry I cannot reply to every e-mal received. The overall message was amazingly similar, and it is this:

We do not have to base our opinions on others, based on their opinions of us. Just because someone ignores us, wishes us ill or seems to have it in for us, does not mean that we need to feel the same way towards that person.

Indeed, just as helping others is proven to make us feel good, so wishing harm to another, or simply thinking badly of them, has an equal or greater negative effect on ourselves.

To show our love, respect and even acknowledgement of each other, we do not have to await others to make the first move, or even to feel the same as we do.

Your e-mails reminded me of the forgiveness session in the book, which I have carried out again just before writing this, and from cloud nine repeat it here. Please send it on to anyone and everyone you wish – it does not belong to me, it belongs to you and every single person in the world.

 Are your bad memories on your shoulder, weighing you down, or are they in a library? If they are still with you, carry out a peace session. Find somewhere quiet, relax and be at peace. Cover yourself mentally with a purple cloak, or curtain, make it a very deep purple, large and sweeping, and let it flow all over you. Breathe, relax.

 Now, allow people who you have argued with, fallen out with, hurt, or been hurt by, to enter your mind, one by one. Perhaps start with a teacher from your school. Acknowledge them as they come into your mind, and look at them for a few seconds – they are some distance away from you, it is like watching them on a cinema screen. Now, let them go, see them disappear from your mind forever, and as you do, say to yourself, out loud or simply in your head “I choose peace over this.”

With love always, however and from whoever this has reached you




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