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Monthly Archives: April 2004

Jane Short, IT-Director of Ashridge Business School

Naked Leader Week – 52 – Monday 26 April 2004 Jane Short, IT-Director of Ashridge Business School, shares that negativity can be very welcome indeed! The three key characteristics for success, in my opinion, are passion, persistence and a sense of humour! Many would say that negativity in organisations is the key barrier to projects and…Continue Reading

Greatest Leaders

Naked Leader Week – 51 – Monday 19 April 2004 Greatest Leaders  Thank you to everyone who responded to last week’s list, which sparked huge interest and controversy. It’s no good everyone voting for Winston Churchill now!! If you had voted for him before in these numbers he would have been in the top 5, not…Continue Reading

Your 50 Greatest Leaders

Naked Leader Week – 50 – Monday 12 April 2004 To celebrate the 50th Naked Leader Week – Your 50 Greatest Leaders  Well, I asked for your “greatest leaders” and you responded in spades! Deliberately vague (“greatest”), it prompted a massive 641 different names from 1297 lists from 154 countries. Nominated leaders that made the final…Continue Reading

The 50 Greatest Leaders

Naked Leader Week – 49 – Monday 5 April 2004 The 50 Greatest Leaders  Thank you for sending in your nominations (originally I was looking for the 50 greatest living leaders, however when people started nominating Alexander The Great, Churchill and even Hitler, unless they know something that I don’t, I decided to extend it to…Continue Reading