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Monthly Archives: September 2006

Like real people…only smaller

Naked Leader Week – 179 (w/c Monday 23 October 2006) Like real people…only smaller If there is one cause that connects everyone who received this, it is to leave the world a better place for our next generation. Within this flows a passion for creating sustainable self-esteem, permission and empowerment in children, young people, parents…Continue Reading

Back to my business roots

Naked Leader Week – 178 (w/c Monday 16 October 2006) Back to my business roots Whenever I am asked to speak at an Information Technology conference, for me it is like coming home. My background is many years inside IT, starting as a programmer in the Pascal language. I share this with pride –  it…Continue Reading

Leadership from a different perspective –

Naked Leader Week – 177 (w/c Monday 9 October 2006) Leadership from a different perspective –   The Pay It Forward Phenomenon Thank you for your feedback to last week’s NL Week on chain mail. Keep those negative follow-on emails coming; send them on to my seven friends: Dan…Continue Reading