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Monthly Archives: June 2010

Kids are really different – still

DAVID’S Naked Leader week focuses on trying to convert a ‘no’ to a ‘yes’ when dealing with people. And he mentions, children get to hear the word ‘no’ 400 times more than ‘yes’. That’s a shame. It got me thinking again about a man who understands child behaviour, Alan Wilson. And this was an article…Continue Reading

Playing the Yes No Game

Time to Read – 3 minutes and 30 seconds I love chilli…it’s my favourite. “Can we have chilli tonight?”  – “No.” Today, whenever you find yourself saying No, say Yes! Sounds mad? Change the way you say No and you will have more co-operation, form more trusted relationships, and sometimes it will turn to Yes.…Continue Reading

Thought For The Week

WHEN we know that we have enough, that we are enough, and that no-one and nothing can ever take those away from us, we have self-belief. And more, we know that our self-esteem is actually enhanced by having people around us who think differently, because we know that while we have enough, we can always…Continue Reading

Making Change Work

Time to Read – 3 minutes I have often spoken about giving “change” a context, so that we avoid change for change’s sake. The way I suggest this is to ask the question “change what?” I thought this was pretty good – i.e. it gives change a context; what exactly do you want to change?…Continue Reading

Fariha Revels In GSK’s Mission

AS a leader in its field, global pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline has provided a platform for many employees to realise their talents. Fariha Salahuddin is one such person, a woman who has risen to the top in her field. Fariha is a Human Resources Director for the company living and working in Pakistan. Her story is…Continue Reading

The Art of Being Brilliant

Time to Read – 3 minutes Have you ever achieved something in your life, that you are very proud of, and then someone else comes along and does it better, like being trumped at cards? Well, there I was, thinking I had achieved that elusive magic element in The Naked Leader books – simplicity. Simplicity…Continue Reading

Make Sure You Are Switched On

IF you have moved business premises recently, beware of receiving an electric shock. There are reports of firms being targeted by energy brokers and tricked into switching to a new electric supplier without their knowledge. The companies later discover they have been tied into a binding contract because they have been taken in by brokers…Continue Reading

Hope Is Where The Heart Is

AS the World Cup is beamed into homes across the globe Norman Brook has contacted the Naked Leader to highlight the work done by the Football Association’s charity, Coaching for Hope. Coaching for Hope is an innovative programme which uses football to create better futures for young people in West and Southern Africa. It is…Continue Reading

How to win the world cup

Time to Read – 1 minute (time added on) The world cup starts this week – one month of football, with matches almost every day. Rosalind can’t wait! And with the previews comes the hype – players, positions and tactics. As Harry Redknapp said when he first took over at Spurs, when they were at…Continue Reading

Action For The Month

BUSINESS is not just about making money, it is about delighting your customers. making money is the by-product. And you will delight your customers by following through and delivering on what you promise. So, this month, and always, follow through and deliver on your promise. Be seen to deliver your agreement. And if something goes…Continue Reading