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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Leadership – one of the hardest skills around

Time to Read – 30 seconds Over the last ten years I have been privileged to work with scores of teams. When doing so, I often ask team members for the key skills needed for them to be successful. And, to date, over 95% of the skills listed are so-called “soft” skills – communication, ownership,…Continue Reading

Thought For The Week

OBVIOUS experts get to the point, give clear and often brief responses. It’s enough to be understood, no more. Get to the point, and get to the point really fast. Never use 10 words where five will do. Never use jargon (a word that someone hearing it would not understand), speak as if you are…Continue Reading

Wherever you go…there you are

Time to Read – 30 seconds In The Naked Leader Experience, (which, between you and I, is my favourite) I talk about how all this talk about work-life balance makes me feel very stressed indeed. After all, it implies that when you are at work, you don’t have a life. At any given moment in…Continue Reading

Don’t get stuck on the idea

Time to Read – 90 seconds Darren Fell, Managing Director and founder of, is an entrepreneur and a persistent one at that. Indeed, when I asked him on the phone for his one single leadership lesson, above all others, he spoke with passion about persistence, based on his own personal experience of being on…Continue Reading

Thought For The Week

THINK twice before employing as it can be easier and less risky to buy some skills in on a contractual basis as they are needed, avoiding the commitment and the responsibility of taking on employees when the future of your business is unknown. If you find you need employees, remember that people are your business.…Continue Reading

Action For The Month

MOST organisations recruit on the basis of ‘hard skills’: measurable, technical, learnable skills. Invariably employees leave, or are made redundant, or fired, on the grounds of so-called ‘softer’ skills – their personality or attitude. How can we change this situation? Simple: Reverse it. Next time you recruit someone into your organisation, do so first and…Continue Reading

The Power of Silence

Time to Read – 30 seconds In a one to one coaching session, or negotiation, making sure that the other person fills the silence (a point made after a longer silence is often a truth)… Or at home, finding somewhere quiet, and simply being with your partner or your children Or, during a hectic day,…Continue Reading