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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Thought For The Week

BREAK free from seeking the approval of others. You will never become a well-respected person and brand without detractors, and these people may be very vocal in their opposition to you. You need that; you need these people talking about you, having a go at what you have done, often complete strangers to you, to…Continue Reading

Action For The Week

REDUNDANCY has become a realisation for many, however, it is important to remember, it is your job that has been made redundant, not you. If it has happened to you, then take ownership of your situation, today. Ask yourself if there is somebody out there who is in poorer or more challenging circumstances than you…Continue Reading

Thought For The Month

WHEN managing change, pay attention to the four key principles. Leadership, communication, strategy and culture. You must have a clear understanding of these to avoid an uphill struggle. Remember, change is inevitable. You need the ability to adapt so you can survive and prosper. An organisation needs to improve and adapt to the changing world.…Continue Reading

Center Parcs – What Happened Next…

Time to Read – 3 Minutes 17 secs (Approx) A huge “thank you” to everyone who contributed thoughts, experiences and advice following last week’s open letter to Martin Dalby, CEO of Center Parcs – view/comment here. In my letter I invited Martin to visit us in our Villa. This did not happen, as Martin was…Continue Reading

Action For The Week

HAVE you got lovely features? Of course you have. Let me rephrase that. Has your product got lovely features? If so, your customer won’t be interested in them. You don’t need to explain what colour your product is. Your clients will want to know the benefits they can glean from it. So, in a clear,…Continue Reading

To Jump Or Not To Jump? Just do it!

IMAGINE if you could fail – what wouldn’t you do? An ingenious title for a Naked Leader Week from David Taylor which sparked an enormous response on the website. The question was raised as a result of a dilemma faced by Naked Leader devotee, Alan, who emailed David about whether or not he should throw…Continue Reading

NLP – The Key To Cutting Edge Communication – Book Now

INTERESTED in learning more about the art of world class presentation delivery? Then make a date for October 26th. NLP, The Psychology of Influence, is a high impact seminar, held in central London, which delivers results. You will learn the benefits of The Positive Approach, The Power of Language and How to Apply It, “Mind-Reading”…Continue Reading

Thought For The Week

WHEN starting in business, find the right bank. Shop around. Look at which offers the best services and rates for you. Stay with a bank where you might have held a long-standing personal relationship. The better the bank knows you, the more they can help.Continue Reading