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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Action For The Week

FOR those who might be preparing for a discussion on your salary with your boss. Ask yourself how much you are worth – not comparing yourself to anyone. Be very clear in whose hands your income rests, identify that person, ask them what value you could bring. Decide on a specific sum of money you…Continue Reading

I realised that nothing was going to change unless I made the change.

Time to Read – 120 Seconds I wanted to make NL Week’s 399 and 400 very special, about The Princes Trust – and share two young people’s personal stories. Today, thank you for your story, your permission and your inspiration, Vikky Howells. In Vicky’s own words, unedited and unchanged… In December 2001 I was…Continue Reading

Ditch The Business Cliches

I LOVED this quote from Dragons’ Den star Deborah Meadon in her excellent book, Common Sense Rules. ‘The phrase 360-degree thinking should be put away in a locked box along with blue-sky thinking, thinking out of the box and countless other meaningless phrases that imply that otherwise one-dimensional, dull, uncreative thinking is the norm. ‘Businessmen…Continue Reading

Catch Customers In Your Web

IS your potential profit being allowed to slip through the net, or are your business customers being caught up in your web? The answer to that key question could be crucial in the ongoing success of your business. Because if you are not selling your products and services via the internet then you are doing…Continue Reading

Monsters Inc.

Time to Read – 45 Seconds Thank you everyone who has taken the trouble to write telling me how the last 5 weeks visiting the Formula for Guaranteed success has arrived at a pertinent time for them. I am sorry I haven’t replied individually I haven’t had the luxury of time, nevertheless I am truly…Continue Reading

Action For The Week

YOU might have to address a gathering this week. Remember that world class speakers are interactive. As a good speaker you will already have a rapport with your audience. Never use notes. Just tell stories and listen to the feedback. And learn from it. Now, to be world class, add that you will: 1. Be…Continue Reading

Put People First

WITH the continued recovery in the economy in the next few months think positively about your business and aim higher than just keeping your head above water. Individuals can make a difference and you need to be focussed on the most important aspect of your company if you want to come through the next year…Continue Reading

Do it!

Time to Read – Just 30 seconds Time to Do – Until you succeed, or give up And the final part of the formula is moving from true decision, to action: Do it! Do it! – The First Action – The HOW – Action and Persistence Take one action. Then ask yourself: Does this action…Continue Reading