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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Self-Esteem, for life

Time to Read – Adults 40 seconds – Children go have fun A few weeks ago I suggested saying “yes” to your child(ren), as often as you say “no” – that produced quite a response, and questions on other things to say and do: Here are three: *         Tell him/her that you are “very proud”…Continue Reading

Action For The Week

IF you have been unfortunate enough to have been made redundant, turn it in to one of the most powerful ‘positive’ moments in your life. There is nothing quite like your income stream drying up to force you to go and earn money. And you can achieve extraordinary things when this happens. Analyse what you…Continue Reading

Naked Poll Is The One To Beat

POLLS apart? Yes, absolutely! Of course we’re biased. However, we genuinely believe David Taylor’s Naked Leader Week is head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to challenging people to extract the very best out of themselves. The qualities they already have that may need a little encouragement in coming to the fore. The…Continue Reading

Thought For The Week

YOU have three bottom lines, helping yourself, helping others and helping the environment. Helping yourself must come first, for without that, you can’t help others. It’s like the oxygen mask announcement on a plane. ‘Please secure your own mask before assisting others.’ Of course, if you don’t survive, those around you may have no chance…Continue Reading

Budget For Business

WILL the Government budget for helping small and medium businesses? High-growth firms, those with 10 or more employees and average 20 per cent plus growth a year over three years, do better in a recession than other firms. Around six per cent of businesses are considered high-growth and they generate around half of all new…Continue Reading

Old Habits…

Time to Read – A comfortable number of seconds I don’t believe in “comfort” zones, I think that people who are in such so called zones and very far from being comfortable – that deep down, they are deeply uncomfortable. They know that they could achieve so much more; they know that they have far…Continue Reading

Action For The Week

INSIDE your team, debate, discuss and decide – then go forward with one voice. Providing everyone has had a chance to have their say, and been genuinely listened to, they will go forward with you. ‘One team – one vision’. This does not mean you are ‘against’ other teams (we can all be in more…Continue Reading

Thought For The Week

NOT only should product features and benefits relate to customer needs in general but to particular segments. In simple terms, the better you are at understanding what your customers want, the easier it will be for you to save money by not giving them additional stuff that they don’t value. (Extract from The Greatest Marketing…Continue Reading

What are you really, really good at?

Time to Read – 42 seconds (give or take) Time to deploy – Slightly Faster Competency based frameworks, and competencies, are dead. Aside from “competency” being the single most boring word in HR, producing jacks of all trades and masters of none, they died because of one overriding mortal wound – if you, and everyone,…Continue Reading