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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Action For The Week

BE flexible with your people (your number one asset) on working hours and ensure they can work at home as easily as at work (they will put in the hours at home if you trust them). And ensure people have time to chat during the day, and allow them to surf the net within the…Continue Reading

Adults need to know…

…where they stand. Time to Read – 84 seconds (or thereabouts) Yes yes yes, children need to know where they stand, and so do we grown-ups. So, please be clear, concise and compelling in all of your communications. Clear – make sure that what you mean to say, has been understood. Concise – never use…Continue Reading

Thought For The Week

IF you do not believe in synchronicity, meaningful coincidences, you will never experience it. In other words, if you do not believe it is true, it will not ve true for you, ever. Equally, if you do believe in synchronicity, you will experience it. In other words, if you believe it is true, it will…Continue Reading

Action For The Week

CONNECT, really listen to a senior member of your family. This person may well seem a stranger to you, outside of Christmas, family gatherings, and of course, their funeral, when you will have lost your chance. Do it without judgement, and show genuine care and warmth in what they are saying – they will have…Continue Reading

Naked Leader Plays Golf

THOSE who frequent card shops may have recently come across a rather amusing birthday greeting that reads, ‘With golfers, if they hit it left it’s a hook. If they hit it right it’s a slice. And if they hit it straight it’s a…miracle!’Well, somebody who would vehemently disagree with that notion, albeit one that is…Continue Reading

Do you do this?

Time to Read – Somewhere between 40 and 120 seconds – you have my word Do you keep your word? To yourself, and to others. Giving our word that we will do something is so very easy, and fast. Keeping our word by following through may be so very hard, and take awhile. Before the…Continue Reading

Thought For The Week

ONE of the features of a future leader will be his or her ability to make it happen – to take action and lead by example. They will take risks, confident in the results and greater rewards. They will make mistakes and take blame, but will ride this out in the belief and certainty of…Continue Reading


Time to Read – A lot less than last week A very big question, with three very big benefits to the asking… Why we do something reveals why we behave as we do in every moment. Why we don’t do something hides why we avoid doing what we know we need to do. And more…Continue Reading