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Monthly Archives: June 2011

The Bank Could Say Yes – To You

MANY of you will remember the Trustee Savings Bank and their slogan, ‘the bank that likes to say yes’. These days though, the banking institutions are being less forthcoming when it comes to parting with their cash as they rein in their finances – except when it comes to paying some of their staff handsome…Continue Reading

Are leaders born or made?

Time to Read – 2  minutes (This week’s NL Week is the second extract taken from my rejected article for Training Journal. – ) …another mission critical question that is at the very top of every Board Agenda – the question asked by every Director just before they ask themselves how they are going to…Continue Reading

Action For The Week

IF you are implementing major changes, ensure you sell those alterations to your team. Show them, by your example, that you’re committed to putting those new ideas into practice and make sure you give your staff the guidance and support they need.Continue Reading

Think Big

BIG is a little word with a big meaning. We may be a small fish in a pond full of others but we can determine the size of the pond we live in by the dimensions of the vision we have for ourselves. If we confine the thoughts we have we will restrict our potential…Continue Reading

Substance Over Speed

REMEMBER that launching an idea or concept which is sustainable is far more important than the speed in which it is introduced. Common sense says that anything new is piloted to see whether it works. That way it can be tinkered with and fine tuned to ensure any flaws are ironed out. Then you can…Continue Reading

Beans Means…

Time to Read – 2 minutes and a few seconds here or there Thank you for your feedback on leadership v management. As an interlude before next week’s next waste of time question (are leaders born or made?), I give you one amazing young man…James Eder. Hello Nlweek readers. This is the story of how…Continue Reading

Can You Manage Leadership?

ARE you a people or systems driven person? Do you do the right thing or do you focus your energies on making sure things are done right? And do you originate your own ideas, or simply implement others? Whether or not you are a leader, or simply a good manager, depends on your answers to…Continue Reading