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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Thought For The Week

THERE is one way to make yourself totally dispensable – by trying to do the complete opposite, by attempting to be completely indispensable. As you gather and hold onto all of that information, protect your private network like a personal army, and play ‘politics’ at every opportunity, you are digging a hole for yourself that…Continue Reading

Action For The Week

DELAY worry. Have a worry time in your diary – eg 3pm every Monday or 7pm every Sunday – when you will worry for seven minutes straight. All worries and fears you have are to be relocated to that time as you are too busy to worry right now. When that time comes, sit down…Continue Reading

See The Light

LOSING your job can feel like entering a dark tunnel. For many, though, it can spark a flame inside of them which refuses to burn out. The proof is in the figures. While the jobless toll has hit two-and-a-half million, there is a glimmer of hope as self-employment has risen and there are around four…Continue Reading

Action For The Week

IS there conflict in your team? If so, make sure you don’t ignore it. Whether it be a difference of opinion in the way the team operates or a personality clash, a team leader needs to get on top of the problem and discuss it openly with the group. Uncomfortable though it may be at…Continue Reading

Empowerment – Time to Make it Real

A few years ago I wasn’t a big fan of “empowerment” – it had become a meaningless phrase, and I used to believe that people don’t need to be empowered, as they already have all the skills, strengths and talent that they need, to deliver. I was wrong. If a widely used word has become…Continue Reading