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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Make Sure You Have Five-Star Potential

MANY people are lucky enough to have stayed in five-star hotels. What about the five qualities needed to be successful? Loyalty, generosity, integrity, honesty and trust. Do you possess these traits? If so, you have the ingredients to make a difference in business. All you need then is to take certain steps. Have a purpose,…Continue Reading

Do you know anyone like this?

Time to Read – 42 Seconds   Someone (an employee of a company) or a group of people (otherwise known as an “organisation”) who quietly, humbly and discreetly goes about being a force for good.   Our official charity is The Prince’s Trust, and we run accelerated leadership events for Trust Young Ambassadors – young…Continue Reading

Factoring In An Equation

A HUGE number of jobs would be created if companies used factoring, research has revealed. Benefiting from better cashflow and greater flexibility, businesses are better able to cope with the difficult economic outlook which continues to shroud the world’s economy. What’s more, around a quarter of a million jobs are said to be dependent on…Continue Reading

Time To Book Your Coach Trip

IMAGINE if you were given the power to explore your inner feelings and help overcome many of the challenges life has to throw at you. Such as negative thoughts surrounding relationships with key people in your life. The energy and desire to confront those feelings might turn a situation to your advantage while minimising the…Continue Reading