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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Get Your Cash Flowing

IT’S official – businesses aren’t getting enough. Sales that is. The reason? Well, potential orders are being lost because of a lack of funding. Cash-flow is needed to allow firms to take on more work. And it’s just not happening, with a large proportion of small and medium-sized businesses and organisations believing they have missed…Continue Reading

How to Notice a Frightening Idea

Time to Read – 42 Seconds It happened last week during a discussion on our Coaching Qualification – I was very clear on how we should offer it in-company, when someone suggested the complete opposite. The specific discussion isn’t relevant here, what is though, is my reaction – I froze on the spot. You may…Continue Reading

Downsize To Thrive

EVER thought of becoming a space hopper? Well, business owners might consider downsizing on office space if they want to thrive and survive in the future. Making changes to the workplace, and becoming a hybrid organisation, with a mix of working styles and attitudes, is thought to be the way forward . With offices half…Continue Reading

Insurance Is Key

YOU don’t necessarily have to be a busker in the street playing a banjo, the drum and the mouth organ to be considered a one-man band. Whether you work in the UK or abroad, it might be worth considering – how important are you to your business?Continue Reading

Action For The Week

TAKE personal responsibility for everything you say and do. Be clear on the exact outcomes, the results, you want. Then make a true decision. Decide to go for what you want and settle for nothing less. If that action takes you closer to where you want to go, do more of the same. If not,…Continue Reading

Charities Trust In Business

CHARITY doesn’t necessarily begin at home – for some people it started and continues as an integral part of their daily business lives. David Taylor’s Naked Leader week of 24th October explained how companies such as Coutts have helped The Prince’s Trust – for whom David is an ambassador – by running Leadership events on…Continue Reading