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Monthly Archives: April 2012

“Get over it, and…”

…toughen up Time to Read – Just 60 Seconds Yes, I know that happened to you in the past, but your past does not equal your future… No, sharing your problems does not always help you – a problem shared is a problem doubled… Really? No, you can’t blame your parents for everything… At the…Continue Reading

Home Sweet Home

MOST people think of home start as a service provided by the AA and RAC when your car takes exception to those icy winter mornings and yet it applies to business too. Government figures suggest more and more graduates and school leavers have chosen to start up on their own. Running costs are lower from…Continue Reading

Play As A Team

USING a sporting analogy, teams win matches. No matter how good the individual, it is the framework of the team that is important as no one man or woman can win a team game on his/her own. Concentrating on his golf for a moment, Tiger Woods is a good example. One of the greatest golfers…Continue Reading

Action For The Week

BUYING decisions are emotional (we stack the logic up afterwards) and they come down to two main drivers. They are things that propel us towards pleasure, or away from pain. Think about what pain your business can help remove, and what pleasure it can help make happen, more often. (Extract from The Naked Millionaire)Continue Reading

NLP – For Practical Success

INTERESTED in learning more about the art of world class presentation delivery? Then make sure you get yourself on the Naked Leader’s high impact seminar, NLP, The Psychology of Influence. You will learn the benefits of The Positive Approach, The Power of Language and How to Apply It, “Mind-Reading” and The Patterns of Rapport, as well…Continue Reading

Are You Digging This Social Media?

IT seems the world has gone digital marketing mad – some would say with the emphasis on dig! Because according to Naked Leader devotee Mark Durkin, a professor of marketing at the University of Ulster, we are digging a hole for ourselves when it comes to communicating with our customers, to the detriment of our…Continue Reading


Time to Read – That’s it – Full Time On Saturday 14 April, in Maidenhead, Woking FC were crowned champions of The Blue Square South, after winning the match one nil. Oh – the highs, lows and lifting of personal baggage that are tied up in that single sentence. So, what is the single biggest…Continue Reading