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Monthly Archives: June 2012

It’s Good To Talk

WHEN telling people your message make sure you deliver it with a KISS. Yes, you may want to add a little love and affection to your audience, although Keeping It Short and Simple is the key here. With me so far? Excellent. KISS is an easy acronym to remember. And the intimation is clear. Short…Continue Reading

Action For The Week

TAKE personal responsibility for everything you say and do. Be clear on the exact outcomes, the results, you want. Then make a true decision. Decide to go for what you want and settle for nothing less. If that action takes you closer to where you want to go, do more of the same. If not,…Continue Reading

Just Say ‘Yes’

DAVID’S Naked Leader week focuses on trying to convert a ‘no’ to a ‘yes’ when dealing with people. And he has previously mentioned that children get to hear the word ‘no’ 400 times more than ‘yes’. That’s a shame. It got me thinking again about a man who understands child behaviour, Alan Wilson. And this…Continue Reading

The Seven Secrets of Happy Children

Time to Read – 8 Years, 3 Days The Seven Secrets of Happy Children – If you want a child that you care for, to grow up with higher self-esteem than the vast majority of the adult population, then do these: 1    Say “Yes” to your child as often as you say “No.” Your child…Continue Reading

Thought For The Week

WHEN you focus on what you want, you are more likely to discover what you want. When you believe that you are intelligent, you are more likely to see evidence that you are. When you believe something to be true, you see the world in that way. Remember, whenever you focus on something you want,…Continue Reading

Excel – With A Little Help From NL

YOU might expect a World-Class venue such as the Excel to bring the best out in a former European Business Speaker of the Year and it seems that conductor David Taylor hit the right notes with his assembled symphony at a recent coaching seminar. The general consensus from the many people who attended the Business…Continue Reading

Returning to Yourself

Time to Read – How fast you can count to ten? Returning to Yourself – As these weekly whatevers enter their tenth year, I turn to an often asked question – “What if people spot me using these Naked Leader tools and techniques and I am seen as being manipulative?” – The short answer is…Continue Reading

Thought For The Week

THINK twice before employing as it can be easier and less risky to buy some skills in on a contractual basis as they are needed, avoiding the commitment and the responsibility of taking on employees when the future of your business is unknown. If you find you need employees, remember that people are your business.…Continue Reading