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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Thought For The Week

BREAK free from seeking the approval of others. You will never become a well-respected person and brand without detractors, and these people may be very vocal in their opposition to you. You need that; you need these people talking about you, having a go at what you have done, often complete strangers to you, to…Continue Reading

Coach Your Potential

POTENTIAL, potential, potential. The word is not particularly long word but its ramifications are far reaching. We all have it. And Claire Batey, a recent attendee at Naked Leaders’ Coaching in a Corporate Environment Seminar believes maximising someone else’s is one of life’s pleasures. And she wholeheartedly recommends other people sign up for a future…Continue Reading

Thought For The Week

YOU can never know everything that you need to know about your chosen area of excellence, but you must know quite a lot. Your knowledge needs to be grounded, not just in academia, but also in the real world of business, organisations and life. If you want to be an obvious expert, and not just…Continue Reading

Time to Juggle

I always say that the The Formula for Guaranteed Success can be applied to everything and anything in our lives – indeed, we travel around it every day, whether we “succeed” or “fail.” At the recent London Business Forum, just before my coaching session with Ruth, Dusty and I decided to give it a go.…Continue Reading

Deliver Big For The Killer Proposition

MAKE your big idea a killer proposition. Write it out, in language a 10-year-old would understand. Explain the pain (problems overcome) and pleasure (benefits) which will come from your big idea. Combine the two, ie, it needs to appeal to a problem being solved and an opportunity being achieved. Then, the killer part, add the…Continue Reading

Let NLP Get You Under The Influence

MAKE a date for November 13th and the Naked Leader’s NLP – The Psychology of Influence workshop. The subject is chemistry – and no, this is not about Bunsen burners, test tubes and insoluble substances! Rapport, hitting it off with someone, the ability to empathise with others – some people have it, others do not.…Continue Reading

Sell The Benefits

HAVE you got lovely features? Of course you have. Let me rephrase that. Has your product got lovely features? If so, your customer won’t be interested in them. You don’t need to explain what colour your product is. Your clients will want to know the benefits they can glean from it. So, in a clear,…Continue Reading


Ruth When I asked for a coaching volunteer at the recent “Naked Coach” London Business Forum, 2 ½ month old Ruth volunteered without hesitation! As Ruth Slept!  We were given the opportunity to consider Choice… and our Choice to make the change in our lives… to fulfil the promise we had in those first few…Continue Reading