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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Organisational De-Structures

Organisational De-Structures One of the big fads of the last ten years was so called “flat structures,” and I wrote a chapter in Naked Leader that blamed them for indecision, inaction and poor results. I was wrong. Just as I would have been wrong to blame traditional, top down structures in the same way. Just…Continue Reading

Value What You Have

MAKE sure you pay attention to relationship marketing. Rather than spend time and money on acquiring new customers, make sure you focus on retaining existing ones. Remember, it costs less to retain a customer than it does to attract a new one. This week, don’t allow a customer walk away as it might prove expensive…Continue Reading

The Only Way Out of This Mess

Time to read: or £81,240 every minute, and counting The irrelevance of the “more taxes / less cuts” way out of recession was typified last week by  Rachel Reeves, Labour’s Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury. She said that the increased taxes from the planned January 2013 3p-a-litre rise in fuel duty should be stopped,…Continue Reading

Make The Team Accountable

WORK on ownership, accountability and strengths. Hold a meeting and, as a team, agree that no one will ever say anything behind each other’s backs which they would not say to their faces. This is a given, and must be accepted on an emotional level. If everyone simply nods, they will not do it. If…Continue Reading

How to Manage your Boss

Time to Read – It doesn’t matter as long as he/she doesn’t see you reading it! 1. Tell him/her how you would like to be led – in terms of style, behaviour and what you want to be empowered to do. On empowerment, be specific. 2. Ask what are his / her top priorities? Listen, Question, offer…Continue Reading

Give Yourself A Talking To

CHANGE the way you talk to yourself. Many people believe the happiness in your life comes down to how you communicate with yourself – your internal dialogue. Think of phrases you enjoy hearing and repeat them silently to yourself throughout the day. No one else need know you are doing this, except you will have…Continue Reading