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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Thought For The Week

BREAK free from seeking the approval of others. You will never become a well-respected person and brand without detractors, and these people may be very vocal in their opposition to you. You need that; you need these people talking about you, having a go at what you have done, often complete strangers to you, to…Continue Reading

It’s Your Future

THE future must be different, and it can be, from this moment on. Wherever you are reading this, on a train, at home or on holiday, stop reading right now, and check the time, and date. For if you so choose, your life will change forever, right now. Okay, now resolve that you will become…Continue Reading

Surround Yourself With Positivity

CHOOSE your thoughts with care, and choose your beliefs with great care, because they dictate your frame of mind to take action, or inaction. Every day this week, focus on what you want, not what you don’t want. Surround yourself with positive people (that’s people who think constructively, not destructively). Surround yourself with negative, energy…Continue Reading

Thought For The Week

WHEN managing change, pay attention to the four key principles. Leadership, communication, strategy and culture. You must have a clear understanding of these to avoid an uphill struggle. Remember, change is inevitable. You need the ability to adapt so you can survive and prosper. An organisation needs to improve and adapt to the changing world.…Continue Reading

Delving Into The Harte of Leadership

THE jigsaw which makes up effective leadership comprises many different pieces. So on this diverse subject it seems appropriate to obtain the view of a man who deals in parts. Not just any old parts, either, for Jon Harte is the managing director of the parts division of Europe’s largest Ford dealer group, Ford Retail.…Continue Reading


Time    Time  Please meet one of the most positive leaders I have ever met…Alan Maloney, Director, Sales Development of Ford Retail:  I probably have around 192 months – 5,840 days – 140,160 hours – left on this planet.   How will I use them?  I left school over 30 years ago and until recently, at…Continue Reading

Thought For The Month

SOMEWHERE beneath the layers of dust, fear and limiting beliefs that have attached themselves to our lives, is the feeling that there is more, so much more; that our lives to date have been but a blade of grass compared to what we can be. (Extract from The Naked Leader)Continue Reading