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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Add this to your To Do List…

Time to Read: After you have done something more useful. Time to Listen: Ditto.  Add this to your To Do List… Stop doing it! Yes, I know that at Naked Leader we love Just Do It! However, that comes after Know where you want to Go, where you are Now and Know what you have…Continue Reading

Make Your Product Beneficial

HAVE you got lovely features? Of course you have. Let me rephrase that. Has your product got lovely features? Even if it has, your customer will not necessarily need an explanation on the colour, the design or the aesthetics. What your clients will want to know are the benefits they can glean from it. So,…Continue Reading

Know Your Customers

WHEN driving your business down the road to success, there are times when you need to take the occasional detour away from Quality Street. Beating off the competition in business is not just about the quality of relationship you have with your customers it is about quantity too. The number of people who know each…Continue Reading

NLP (Naked Linguistic Programming)

Time to Read: 3 minutes 21 seconds Listen to advance extract from David’s NLP Event NLP (Naked Linguistic Programming) NLP actually stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. It is sometimes known as “The Science of Rapport”. NLP is a classic example of powerful, proven and plain how tos, that has dressed itself up in the king’s…Continue Reading

Don’t Deal In Broken Promises

EVERY customer/supplier dispute, the loss of a customer, a fallout with a client, a decision by a potential customer not to come to you, or return to you – they all come down to one thing. It’s an actual or perceived (same thing) broken promise. Make sure you deliver and follow through on your deals,…Continue Reading

Diverse Coaching – Naked Leader Style

IN a world in which human capital is more than ever the most important raw material, there is now compelling evidence that businesses or countries that fish in only half the talent pool are handicapping themselves badly,” – Cherie Blair in the London Evening Standard of 07/03/12. Coaching for a diverse workforce – Rosalind Taylor, CEO Naked Leader Cherie…Continue Reading

Do you believe in miracles (earthly ones)?

Time to Read: Rejoice that you can Time to Listen: 3 Minutes 43 seconds Do you believe in miracles (earthly ones)? Let’s start by defining a miracle – A highly improbable or extraordinary event, development, or accomplishment seems to be the most common definition. Divine intervention gets a mention in some definitions, hence “earthly” in…Continue Reading

Enjoy The Here And Now

LEARN from children that which you already know. Believe in the strengths that you had on the day you were born. Have an open mind, love what you do, respect each other, be brave and persistent, have total self-belief and enjoy the here and now. Help others do the same. (Extract from The Naked Millionaire)Continue Reading

Thought For The Week

THINK twice before employing as it can be easier and less risky to buy some skills in on a contractual basis as they are needed, avoiding the commitment and the responsibility of taking on employees when the future of your business is unknown. If you find you need employees, remember that people are your business.…Continue Reading