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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Be Open – For Your Own Benefit

IT is an open and shut case. In the early stages of a business relationship, ask open questions. These are questions that make the other person give you an answer – and, more crucially, information which you can use at a later date. Ask them ‘how’, or ‘why’ or ‘when’ or ‘what’ and make them…Continue Reading

Differences Make The Difference

Please add your comments at the bottom… many thanks. Time to Read : 1 min 26 secs Time to Listen : 2 mins 35 secs Time to Watch :  3 mins 31 secs Please forgive a bit of blowing our own trumpet. We just held our Annual Conference: Diversity – Differences Make The Difference The Seven Key Points from…Continue Reading

Naked Leader’s Got Talent!

IT is not only devotees of Britain’s Got Talent who are familiar with the term ‘Diversity’. Never mind the street dance group of that name, winners of the TV show in 2009, it is Naked Leader’s (NL) second annual coaching conference which takes centre stage here. Coaching for a Diverse Workforce was a topical theme…Continue Reading

Your Story – Your Choice

Please add your comments at the bottom… many thanks. Time to Read: About the time to boil an egg  Story One: 1 min 31 secs Story Two: 2 mins 35 secs Time to Fly – 1 min 26 secs One Once upon a time, there was a large mountainside, where an eagle’s nest rested. The eagle’s nest contained four large…Continue Reading

Peter’s Project Passion Is Go!

WHILE not quite an astronaut in the true sense of the word, Peter McCartney’s self-styled NASA-esque journey has seen him become the pilot of his own destiny. Now he is aiming towards lift-off in a new chapter in his life in which his long-held passion for Naked Leader (NL) – and the belief in “self”…Continue Reading

Be On The Team

IN business, as in sport, you are nowhere without the team. In some cases that might be as an individual with an entourage of people to help out. Delegation is one key area of playing that team game well. Doing so will allow you to make maximum use of the resources available to you, for…Continue Reading

And the Good News is…

Please add your comments at the bottom… many thanks. Time to Read: 1 min 18 secs  Time to Listen : 2 mins A majority of students – 2 in 3 – going to University this autumn in the UK are aware of how to manage their money. WOW! Of course, that is not how it was reported,…Continue Reading

Thought For The Month

KNOWLEDGE is no longer power. Relationships, leadership and teamwork are today’s power. There is so much knowledge and information going around, and we have such ease of access to so much more, that holding onto your bit of unique information won’t make any difference. (Extract from The Naked Coach)Continue Reading