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Monthly Archives: January 2014

The Real Naked Leader

“Naked Leader would not be what it is today, without her.” The rushing to catch a flight words of Naked Leader Founder David Taylor, about Rosalind Howard, CEO of Naked Leader. He added: “Rosalind has been CEO of Naked Leader for three years – the most successful period in the company’s history, so far.” He…Continue Reading

Be True To Yourself

TAKE personal responsibility for everything you say and do. Be clear on the exact outcomes, the results, you want. Then make a true decision. Decide to go for what you want and settle for nothing less. If that action takes you closer to where you want to go, do more of the same. If not,…Continue Reading

4 Ways to Amaze Your Customers

1. Sell as your customer likes to buy – let them lead the flow, dictate the pace and be “in charge”  (follow their behaviour, not your process). You listen; ask questions that show you are listening. And answer any questions you are asked – directly. Real recent mystery shopping experience – Me “I am really…Continue Reading

Lead By The Rules

BEING a good leader is not the sole preserve of the entrepreneur. Using recently-retired Sir Alex Ferguson as an example, it is clear from his absence in football that leadership can make a difference in sport, too. Leadership skills possess a universal template. Leading by example, creating a vision, focusing on the positives and copying…Continue Reading