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The Formula for Guaranteed Failure

The Formula for Guaranteed Failure

Time to Read: Who cares – I loved writing this one! The Formula for Guaranteed Failure (For you and your organisation) Failure never happens by accident, it comes as a result of you following a specific process, an exact formula. You have the right to know this formula and, when you apply it knowingly, your…Continue Reading

“Andy,  you have leukaemia…”

“Andy, you have leukaemia…”

Time to read: 3 Minutes “Andy, you have leukaemia…” In September 2011 these were the words told to Andy Isherwood – Managing Director and Senior Vice President of Hewlett Packard UK and Ireland. He had cancer, and he could very well die. “We all think we are invincible until something hits you, and when it does, we…Continue Reading