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2020 – The only way to make your plans real

2020 – The only way to make your plans real

Naked Leader Week 852 – 16 December 2019

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It’s THE big one – the year that so many organisations have been planning for…drum roll:


And whatever your 2020 Golden Plan, there is only one way to achieve it:

Ensure that your people really want to do

what you really need them to do

Achieve this – achieve anything

Everything else is just noise.

One of our good Chinese friends, Cecilia Bai, calls it Passionality.

Its unlocking the full potential, passion and personality in everyone, not just a chosen few.

Do this – for AI, for Digital, for Customers, in HR, in Finance, in every team and project, and you will succeed.

Don’t, and you won’t.

With my love and very best wishes




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