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3 Amazing Things About Your Brain

3 Amazing Things About Your Brain

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Naked Leader Week 1064 – Monday 11 March 2024

3 Amazing Things About Your Brain

On a recent Zoom call with a network of Academic Psychologists, I asked this question:

What are the top three little known, surprising and wonderful things about our brains?

After much discussion, debate and, eh, simplification…a vote concluded with:

  1. Flexibility: Your brain is like a jigsaw puzzle that can change its pieces when you learn new things or when you get better at something – like how you learned to ride a bike. Takeaway:  Use your strengths at every opportunity or they will weaken.
  2. You Yawn I Yawn. Mirror Neurons – help us see and feel what someone else is feeling, like when you see someone laughing, it makes you want to laugh too. It’s why you used to copy how you used to play with toys, with your friend, because you wanted to play the same way. Takeaway: The fastest way to achieve an outcome is to find someone who already has, and do what they did.
  3. Daydreaming: Apparently, even when you’re not doing anything, your brain is still working. This in itself is not a huge revelation as its main job in life is to keep us alive! However this is critical for our imagination and why we cannot tell the difference between something that happens in reality and something that we imagine with emotional intensity – well known to successful sports people. Takeaway:  Daydream away!!

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