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3 Key Actions that support people working from home

3 Key Actions that support people working from home

Naked Leader Week 863 – 9 March 2020

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The Coronavirus is leading to more people working from home.

When setting people up to work from home, organisations are experts in ensuring the technology is in place, however many overlook the psychological help, support and well-being factors – especially important for people having to do this at short notice and for stressful reasons.

Based on what is working with our Client Business Partners, we recommend doing the following 3 things:

  1. Appoint a Personal Manager

Someone outside of the person’s function, in another area of the organisation, whose role is to be available by phone as and when needed, on a confidential, trusted basis.

  1. Over Communicate

It’s bad enough finding out the truth of what’s going on at the best of times, so over communication is critical – find out how the home worker prefers to receive communication – email, phone call, text etc. And then use it. It is better for people to hear something 3 times than none. And as a very minimum set up a WhatsApp group.

  1. Facilitate the meeting up of local employees

They don’t need to be in the same team or department – such personal one to one contact – over a coffee, whatever – is critical to people’s well-being.

Some people reading this will think all of this is expensive to put in place.

It is far more expensive not to do this.

In tough times like these, it is vital to remember that your people are not your number one asset – they are your only asset.

If this is of interest to you then check out this article by MindGenius with more ideas and thoughts to support you in these weird times.

With my love and best wishes, especially to those affected by what is happening at the moment.



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