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3 little word changes

3 little word changes

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3 little word changes that show more care, empathy and anticipation.

  1. Care. On a delayed train. Instead of the usual “We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause” (cue silent groans) – “Please accept my personal apologies for the obvious inconvenience this will cause you”.
  2. Empathy. Visiting The Head Office of Pret A Manger and keen to increase my daily steps, I asked “May I use the stairs please?” Instead of the usual sigh and almost “What’s wrong with the lifts?” comment, the security man said “Do you prefer the stairs sir? So do I – this way please”.
  3. Anticipation. When visiting an office there is nothing worse than signing in, the receptionist calling your Client and then you decide to go to the loo – for your host to be waiting for you as you exit, ready to shake your hand, with yours still slightly wet from washing them! Not with JP Morgan Chase. Before calling up, the receptionist asks “Would you like to use our facilities before I call your host?”

What little changes can you make to show such care, empathy and anticipation?

With my love and best wishes to you all



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  1. Love the inconvenience on trains.
    Every trip is actually inconvenient given the overcrowding.

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