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3 Ways To Make Inclusion Real

3 Ways To Make Inclusion Real

Naked Leader Week 892 – 5 October 2020

Time to read: Just under 1 minute

Following several Inclusion Week events last week, here are 3 ways to make it real in your organisation:


  1. Has Value – Unlock it by listening, caring and bringing out the best in everyone, not just a chosen few. Do this by asking people – ‘How would you like to be led by me?’ and doing what they say.
  2. Is a Leader – Real leadership is a behaviour, not a position. Naked Leader’s test of inclusive leadership – if you were stripped of your job title, your position and your traits of power, would you still get the very best from people?
  3. Is Different – Inclusivity breeds diversity, as being different is the one thing we all have in common. Celebrate these differences. Put your teams together based on different strengths – think Top Trumps not Competency Frameworks. Instead of thinking ‘You are different from me’ think and say and act that ‘You are different like me’.

With thanks to my daughter Olivia Muller and Clair Carpenter*

My love and best wishes to you all



* Clair is Lead Psychology Adviser to Naked Leader and co-author with me on ‘Bliss – How to be Truly Happy for The Rest of Your Life’

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  1. Thank you David, as always your words are extremely powerful and I hope you don’t mind that I have shared them with my team here in the NHS Health Research Authority

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