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4.17pm on Christmas Day

Naked Leader Week – 187 (w/c Monday 18 December 2006)

Where would we be without them?

The psychologists, the experts, the researchers. Certainly I would be nowhere, as they provide me with so much useful information on ourselves as human beings – how we ‘work’, why we are who we are and do what we do.

‘Their’ latest conclusion is that if families, couples, basically anyone, is going to have an argument on Christmas Day, it will be at exactly 4.17pm – apparently this is cross-culture, in many countries and time zones!

We wake up, excited, on a very special day of the year. Whether we have a spiritual or a secular day, we look forward to the giving and receiving of presents, to perhaps playing games and eating special food.

And whatever order we follow, there is always an apparent lull between 4 and 5pm, culminating in someone being upset or starting an argument at precisely 4.17.

So, in this final nl week of 2006, when I wish everyone a happy Christmas, as I send you my love for  a peaceful 2007, and I know we all think about people in the world who will not have presents, or food, or peace this Christmas Day, I make one request.

Watch the clock.

And when it reaches 4.17pm on Christmas Day in your time zone:

Be with someone you love, or phone them at that exact moment, or simply tap a glass to get the attention of your family or friends.

And say how you feel – how you really feel, and if that involves saying the words “I love you”, say them as if you mean them, really mean them.

Whatever you celebrate in life, celebrate each other.

Next NL week Jan 8th 2007. I send my love and best wishes for the holiday season.





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