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7 key forgotten strengths that you already have

7 key forgotten strengths that you already have

Naked Leader Week 858 – 3 February 2020

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In one of our Client Business Partners recently, I had a look at their internal Learning and Development Programme – it was impressive, thorough and slightly confusing.

Confusing because 7 of the one-day events covered strengths that we all had when we were children:

  1. Agility
  2. Confidence to speak up
  3. Ideas
  4. Getting to the point
  5. Resilience
  6. Asking questions
  7. Well-being and happiness

And we still have! They may be buried deep within us; however, they are still there, somewhere, waiting to be uncovered, unlocked and unleashed.

Maybe start by choosing one you are still good at and ensuring you practice it and use it every day, and another you would like to reignite, and do the same?

As we always say in Naked Leader – there is nothing ‘wrong’ with you – so go out there and be the very best that you already are and help others to be the same.

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