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A Call to Action…Why are you here?

A Call to Action…Why are you here?

Naked Leader Week – 265 – Monday 7 July 2008

A Call to Action…Why are you here?

From Last Week…

Many organisations are struggling through the global, so-called “credit crunch” – and while many people dismiss this as one of those “economic cycles” – this time leaders are asking a different question, and it’s a BIGGIE:

“How do we ensure we avoid repeating the same mistakes, we made, last time around?”

This Week…The first of the four key actions to take, based on an exact model that will make you world-class. No matter what your background, the size of your organisation or the scale of your ambitions – this will work for you.

It is not academic (although it has had academic input), it is not theoretical, it a solid, exact series of actions based on the way the world really is – real leaders in real companies with real companies.

And, in the present economic climate – it is not enough to want to be World-Class – you have to be World-Class, yes, to survive, but more importantly, to ensure that you continue to grow while your competitors stand still.

And, remember, if you disagree with me, fine – just do the complete opposite of that I suggest – I personally don’t mine if you don’t believe in me, I Want to know if you have the belief, the courage, and above all the bravery, to believe in you. And how will you judge whether you have this?

By whether you do something about what you are reading, or not.

This week – the first part of the formula for guaranteed success – Know where you want to go…

How to do it?

1. Set a standard for yourselves that is higher than anyone else can ever reasonably expect of you (This moves you away from the irrelevant, and boring, benchmarking scenario)

2. Every day, focus on what you want, not what you don’t (This will help you move closer towards what you want)

3. Have your people – every one of them – come up with their own personal vision for the organisation – why they get out of bed in the morning. 99.9% of people will come up with something not that different to the CEOs. (This links people and organisation, when people come up with something for themselves, they buy into, and own it)

And, for this part of the formula, above all – Have a Cause, indeed…

Put Cause over Cash

(Irony – Organisations will make more ‘cash’ as a result)

• We are not only a great company; we are also a good company. Trust, ethics and integrity in all things and at all times – with Corporate, Social and World Responsibility at the heart of all agendas. Your future success, and existence, depends on this. Making money and increasing income, while reducing costs, has to be central to everyone’s agenda – combine it with a cause and your only source of income, your customers, will be proud to be your customers.

• Business has a powerful role, and responsibility, to transform our world, and help our future generations inherit an earth of mutual respect, enlightenment and peace. To achieve this, Business must change its drivers so that instead of success being seen as rewards for a few, it is measured on the positive impact it has for the many. Making money and profits can be complementary to this.

• Everyone inside an organisation knows their role in helping make the dream come true, and feels a part of that dream. Making money and profits can be complementary to this.

OK – so, what are you, personally, now going to do?

Something, or nothing?

Next week – the new holy grail of business – Simplicity, and how to achieve it

With my love and best wishes



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