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A Foundation for Emotional Well Being

A Foundation for Emotional Well Being

Naked Leader Week 855 – 13 January 2020

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From our work with the NHS Foundation Trust in Essex, The Prince’s Trust and other charities, there is one thing that can make the difference between happiness and sadness, well-being and illness – that can help people move towards pleasure, and away from pain.


In 2020, give people Hope.

As a leader, as a friend, as a human being – give someone you know:

  • Something to look forward to
  • A reason to be happy and optimistic
  • A meaning in their lives
  • The assurance that it’s OK to feel as they feel

Do this for each other, also do it for yourself

Of course emotional and mental illness can be more complex than that, however with the number of people suffering a at the moment, the high suicide rate and all the fear and bad news around, we are assured by those that know, that Hope can make a very big difference.

With my love and best wishes




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