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A Journey in China    

A Journey in China    

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A journey in China

Last month I had the honour, privilege and excitement to be invited to China, by the leaders of the Hua Tao project –


Simon Jones (Chime Communications and adviser on Naked Leader PR) and I visited The Forbidden Kingdom (wow), drank Chinese tea in the traditional, ancient way (the most relaxing tea party, ever) and I facilitated a Naked Leader two day event for the leaders of the Hua Tao project.

As the two days progressed, I realised that The Formula for Guaranteed Success, which I have lived and breathed for over 15 years, is so much more, and so much older! Yes, it is the source, bedrock and foundation of success. It is also a way back to what we have perhaps forgotten, and a recalling of what we once knew, and still do, deep down. Most of all it is a returning back to being our true selves – a journey home.

Three things I learned:

  1. How we take things for granted about a country, a culture and its people from what we see, hear and read in the media, on and off line. To truly experience somewhere you have to truly experience it.
  2. Kindness – everyone I met, from every walk of life, was kind to me and to each other.
  3. Unknowingly when I wrote it, the message of Naked Leader – be the very best that you already are – has more roots in China – The Tao, Zen and Buddhism – than in anywhere else. And these roots go back a good few thousand years.

My aim when I arrived was to leave as a friend to China. I am so honoured to have been invited to be a Member of Hua Tao, to play what part I can in helping the values, culture and community of the Ecovillage, to achieve its purpose of human and nature in real life.

With my thanks to all who made it happen, and my love and best wishes to you all

Dà wèi·


PS In the photo, you can just make out the Mandarin translation of some of The Formula for Guaranteed Success – thank you Alice Wang and Ellen Rong (Alice invited me and is sitting to my left and Ellen was my wonderful translator, sitting to my right)

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7 Responses to A Journey in China    

  1. What a wonderful adventure you have enjoyed.
    My son is in Thailand at present and no doubt
    will have similar experiences.

    Seeing is believing

    Being present in their country communicating
    with the people is even more worthwhile.

    Well done Naked Leader


  2. Wonderful David, china is an amaxing place and as you say you have to live the experience to really truly comprehend what it is like there.

  3. Preconceptions of a people are often wide of the mark.
    Meeting them, being in among them, is the true test of just how a country is. A country is its people.

  4. Makes it more pertinent with all the wrongdoing happening in the world.
    Lovely and timely reminder that cultures can mix and be friends.

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