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A Letter to Amy

A Letter to Amy

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A Letter to Amy

bandIt is a measure of the friendship, respect and admiration I hold for you that this milestone 700 Naked Leader Weekly is all about you. The fact that this 700th edition also happens to be at the start of a new year is also a wonderful synchronicity.

When I first met you, at your home, you were curled up on the sofa, looking down, and you were very unhappy, with yourself, with the world and many of the people in it. 18 months later, just 3 weeks ago, you took to the stage at the University of Westminster and sang not one, but two songs, with your band behind you, as part of your Commercial Music Performance studies.

Your transformation from existing to living to being is all down to you, and I have watched your bravery, in awe.

When I said I would like to write your story, you responded with typical honesty, humility and directness – “why me?”

Why you?

Why Amy?

Because of that very word, that very question – “why?”

Because very few people of the people I have had the great fortune to help, and learn from, have shown such a complete, nay, obsessive interest in ‘why?’

Why things were ‘working’ for you, or not ‘working’.

Why ‘Thank You’ didn’t quieten your inner nagging voice one day, and did work the next.

Why hypnosis works.

Indeed – I knew that every session was going to have a lot of ‘Why?’

To start with I said it doesn’t matter. You replied “It matters to me”.

Then I gave cursory detail. You would say “tell me more”.

And your asking was no delaying tactic – as you and I discovered more about our respective minds, and how we work, so your life moved forward. From very low, being bullied and hating school, to making different choices. From being very careful what you ate, to enjoying and loving food. And above all from not liking yourself at all, to becoming your own best friend. Always loved and supported by your sisters, and your amazing parents.

So, this letter is to say thank you:

Thank you for letting me help you, and for showing me how to. And for teaching me so much about persistence, about getting back up again, and for never giving up on me, even during those darkest moments.

Thank you for finding, remembering and returning to being yourself.

And most of all, thank you for ‘why?’

A very happy 2017 to you Amy, and to everyone reading this.


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