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A Letter To Claire Kidd

A Letter To Claire Kidd

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Naked Leader Week 1039 – 4 September 2023

A Letter to Claire Kidd

Dear Claire

This is just to say a very sincere, publicly private and massive:

Thank You

For everything you have done to help Naked Leader, Rosalind and me.

Your ideas, energy and commitment never cease to amaze us, and you always remain so good humoured. Many people ask me how I have managed to write a blog pretty much every week for the last 25 years – its down to you and Rosalind.

Knowing, however, how little you enjoy open praise I will instead share three of my happiest moments.

Abu Dhabi – Camels, Coaching and Centigrade aside, do you remember the evening I decided to walk to yours and Jon’s house, only to discover that every road, junction and layout looks exactly the same! It was like Milton Keynes in the desert!! I believe that if you hadn’t helped me find my way that night I would still be there, wandering aimlessly around!!!

THORL – The Home of Real Leadership – Together with John Savage we designed something incredibly beautiful – your skills with Canva etc. being second to none. THORL will return in some form or other and when it does, that will be thanks to you.

Humour – Given we have a laugh in every Zoom, chat and meet, I have decided to select just one recent example that I have shared with many many people. You went above and beyond the call of duty to get a particular Naked Leader Week out on time, and Rosalind and I sent you flowers. You phoned to say, “thank you” and I said, “it was the least we could do.” Without hesitation you responded with “What’s the most you could have done?”


So, once again, thank you for everything you do

David and Rosalind

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