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A Naked Week – 11

Naked Leader Week – 11 (30 June 2003)

A Naked Week – 11 (30 June – 6 July, 2003)

From David Taylor, author of “The Naked Leader”

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So far this has reached people in so many countries, from Russia to Kenya, Iceland to Peru. As Michael in Canada wrote, “we would want to be remembered for the good that we have done” and that summarises JOD better than I ever could.

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Delivered a high-impact two day leadership course last week and also got talking about this subject at two other events.

What % of our decisions do we make more on the basis of emotion than logic? Many “experts” say 100%.

At events when this is raised, most people say a figure of between 80 and 95% emotion. The reason for raising this is to emphasise the role of emotion in our organisations, and that:

  • People will only ever do something to the best of their ability for one reason, and one reason alone, and that is because they want to.
  • The process driven initiatives of the last twenty years seem to have bypassed the fact that people have any emotion completely – resulting in a huge negative backlash.
  • Many people say they are emotional at home, and logical at work.

I met one guy last week who said he was logical, through and through. Reminded of an experience a few weeks previously, I asked him to share with the group one decision he had made recently made more on the basis of logic than emotion.

He could have chosen anything, he chose the decision he had just made on buying a new car, which he bought on the basis of:

  • Acceleration – although he did not know the precise figures, he “knew” the one he chose was faster.


  • Windscreen Wipers – When he had narrowed his choice down to two possible cars, one of the main factors in his final choice was the shape of the wipers – although he was not sure about the relative drops per minute that the different respective wipers cleared.

Imagine the discussion!

And no matter what, I could not persuade him that buying a car was an emotional decision.

And do you know what I suddenly realised – it doesn’t matter.

It doesn’t matter what experts say about the role of emotion, other than it is there and it is important.

It doesn’t matter whether people make their decisions based on whet they think is “logic” or “emotion.”

Because that may be an analysis too far.

What matters is that we make decisions in the first place – true decisions that close of all other options.

Because when we have made such a decision, and we are clear where we want to go, and who we want to be, life will conspire to help us get there.

And, it now seems to me, life really doesn’t mind whether that decision was made logically, emotionally or however.


7 July 2003


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