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A Naked Week – 16

Naked Leader Week – 16 – 4 August, 2003

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Natural Born Cynics

Last week, at dinner, I met one of those people who disagree with everything you say.

And I mean everything.

I found out afterwards there are many people who will do this – disagree often or always. Often these people label themselves “cynics,” sometimes “a natural born cynic” or a “cynic by nature” – how does that work then?

And here is how to handle those people that disagree, constantly. Turn them round by agreeing with them!

A short example, exchange, from our dinner (her name changed)

Emma – “That tennis club is not right for me, it would be a waste of time me joining”

Me – “Oh, I think it’s great”

Emma – “NO, its NOT, it’s appalling”

Me – “Oh, well if you feel that strongly, don’t join”


Emma – “I’m not saying I would never join”

Me – “No way, it sounds dreadful, if I was you I would not join”

Emma – “It’s not that bad, there is a nice pool”

Me – “No, I’m convinced joining should be the last thing you do”

Emma – “Well, I don’t agree, I’m going down there tomorrow”

Now, at this point I changed the subject – if I had carried on much longer she would have left the dinner and joined on the spot!

That wasn’t my aim; my aim was to open up her mind to more choices, to influence her without taking any kind of control.


11 August 2003




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