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A Naked Week – 5

Naked Leader Week – 5 (19 May, 2003)

A Naked Week – 5 (19 – 25 May, 2003)

The weekly update from David Taylor, author of “The Naked Leader”

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 10        Apologies…Last week I included a Bill Gates joke that caused some interesting feedback! Many of you in IT wrote in and said how ancient the joke is, and that I should avoid such old jokes, others outside of IT wrote to say how much you enjoyed it…I will avoid these in future, though…

 09       By the time you receive next weeks’ Naked Week’ the relaxation CD will be winging its way to you (if you joined the naked leader network before the 15th May). I promised they would be sent out by the end of May and they will be going out on 30th…This is my just in time gift to you, to thank you for spreading these powerful messages of personal freedom and success, messages which are not mine, but are everybody’s…

08        Naked Leader 2 is ¾ complete and will be finished in June, with extracts going on the web-site (along with back-issues of ‘A Naked Week’) in July. Book 2  will be called “The Naked Leader Handbook” and this week we finalised the back cover blurb…where would we be without marketing experts?…

The Naked Leader Handbook 

How to live the life you were born to lead

Back Cover:

Imagine if you simply could not fail. Where would you go? What would you do? Who would you be?

 There are no answers, only choices. Right here and now, as you hold this book in your hands, you have literally millions of choices open to you. This has been true since the day you were born, and remains true until the moment you die. Yet, with so many choices and decisions to make every day, how can you be sure you’re getting it right every time?

With the The Naked Leader Handbook David Taylor releases you from doubt, uncertainty ­and the fear of failure, forever, as he helps you to choose the right paths to take – the ones that will lead you towards the fulfilment of your dreams and ambitions.

 Refreshingly free of jargon and hype, and packed with positive, practical advice – here you will discover how the three ‘Rs’ can help you to:

▲        RECLAIM your birthright and be the very best that you already are…

▲        REIGNITE your relationships and truly connect with others…

▲        REINVENT your organisation and unleash the awesome potential that lies within you and your team…

 No matter what your age, experience, or the challenges you face, The Naked Leader Handbook will serve to remind you of your unique strengths and abilities – and that your future is in your hands.

 So, if you’re ready to accept this inspiring invitation to personal and professional transformation – ready to shape your destiny – please stand up. Your time has come. Your life awaits you.

07        Seeing this 2 reminded me when I started writing. Just after I left Cornhill I wrote my first column ever, for Computer Weekly. A few days later I spoke with a very good friend of mine, Graham Bridgeman…

Conversation between Graham Bridgeman and David Taylor, after one column published…

 Graham “We are running a sweepstake on how long it will be before you run out of original material”

 David “Don’t worry about that, I’ve got plenty of columns left in me yet”

 Graham “It’s already been won”

06        Working Wonders is now completed. Many of you have asked how you can receive this TV programme outside London and Midlands (and I am not even sure the Midlands are taking it straight away)…if you have satellite you can watch ITV regional programmes from any other region.  From the main menu select “services” and last on the menu you should see “other channels” – select this and you can choose to watch any regional programme you wish. I found this because being Scottish I sometimes prefer local Scottish news to London.

Last filming was on a farm, well, there were no animals; it was a plant / fishing / leisure centre. Now, these are normally the places I do a runner from, and I was there for two days!

05        I saw The Matrix Reloaded this week. Didn’t understand a word of it, but it went into the subject of choices a lot. I mention it because many of your have nominated it as your favourite leadership film of all time. Final results on the top three in this bulleting, next week…

 04        Web-site of the week has to go to a man who has greatly inspired me over the years. I am off to see him in the States again in a few weeks. When it comes to presentation, inspiration and getting people to walk across hot coals, nobody does it better than Tony Robbins. Skip the flash intro and enjoy…

03        I upset an NLP fan last week…In my leadership presentations I make a joke about NLP – considering it is often refereed to as “The Science of Rapport” I find it amazing, and amusing, that its two founders, John Grindler and Richard Bandler, have no spoken to each other for five years, and have recently been suing each other in every state in America!

 NLP has received acclaim and criticism; it has been heralded as the therapy to end all therapy – it has been de-bunked; it has been the centre of a lengthy legal battle over ‘intellectual property and copyright’ and bitter disputes as to who actually has the right to call themselves an NLP Practitioner or Trainer.

Many individuals recognise that NLP offers an extremely powerful set of tools to describe subjective experience and challenge the assumptions we make about the world we live in.

 My view is clear – NLP is very powerful but it is not original and it has become too full of its own self-importance and jargon. We must strip this away…

02        Conspiracy of the week – I spoke at a leadership event in Cardiff, and many people in the audience challenged the idea that change can indeed happen fast…I have been thinking about this – why do people have this doubt that major change can happen fast?

I think there are four main reasons:

  • People do not know how to change fast
  • People do not want to change enough, to change fast
  • Often we feel change Is not in our own control
  • Our culture and learning tells us that change happens over a long period of time…

I would love to hear your thoughts on this…


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