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A Naked Week – 9

Naked Leader Week – 9 (16 – 22 June, 2003)

From David Taylor, author of “The Naked Leader”

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Across three different conferences, I had three experiences that all added up to one thought…

1          I saw James DeWatteville at National Grid Transco Information Systems hold the audience in the palm of his hand, with a brilliant personal story at the start of his presentation:

“I was travelling home to Andover from Waterloo. I sat down, and a young chap sat opposite me. We exchanged brief looks as one does, and I noticed he had two cans of Stella, a copy of FHM and a novel. Anyway, I sat back and snoozed. I woke suddenly when we arrived in Andover. I rushed to get off, and as I did so this guy opposite me did the same. But in his hurry he left behind all his stuff. So I quickly grabbed his lager, magazine and book and hurried off the train.

When I got on the platform I looked around for him and he wasn’t there! It was only when the doors closed behind me that I realised what had happened, he had not been getting off at all, had gone to the loo. And there I was, holding this chap’s belongings….”

2          Keynote presentation last Wednesday, company name withheld! Chief Executive standing behind lectern reading from paper and slides. Business Power-Point presentation, very busy slide one, even busier slide two, room nodding off. Suddenly a hand went up, and a question was asked:

“Does the company have any plans to make people redundant this year?”


CEO comes out from behind lectern and with no notes. He walks to the front of the stage and makes direct eye-contact with the audience. He makes an impassioned speech from his heart, about how things are tough, however if they are to downsize it will be done differently from before. It will not hide behind any process or consultancy initiatives; it will be done very openly from the start. He then said four words that stunned everyone in the room, including me.

I am very sorry for all of the heartache, anguish and uncertainty that I have personally caused you in the past – of course I have to make difficult decisions, and in the future I promise you I will make them in a different way.”

3          Thursday – Cardiff. Looks like an all day PowerPoint again. Chairman of conference (and company) stands up at the beginning, puts his notes to one side, and says (names changed):

“Before we begin, as many of you will know, Martin McCarthy finally lost his battle against cancer on Sunday, and left this world. Our love and best wishes go to his family, Clare, Elizabeth and Lorna. Please join me in a few moment reflections for Martin, and his loved ones”

Three unconnected, unprompted and unexpected events, that all add up to one thing:

When we speak with a group of people, be it our team, our company or at a

conference, the most powerful way to get any and every message across, is to be

ourselves, and speak from our hearts. This might be with a personal story or

experience, sharing our genuine thoughts, or capturing the feeling in a room.

Whatever it is, when do it, we put aside preparation, politics and paper, and

communicate directly with people’s real selves.

And we can do that for everything we want to get across, as much for a business

message and team presentation, as for a personal story, a sincere

feeling or a sad reflection.

When we speak from the heart, other hearts listen.


23 June 2003


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