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A Right Royal Alternative

THE name Royal Mail is an institution. However, whether it delivers a royal service is now open to debate with increasing criticism hurled in the company’s direction. There are alternatives, though.

For those businesses that rely on an effective a trustworthy postal service, one such company is Collect+, a parcel service especially for businesses, launched last year. It  is a joint venture between Home Delivery Network and Paypoint. Firms can drop off parcels in a corner shop and they are then delivered to other convenience stores and local shops in the 4,000 strong network, to be collected by customers.

Big companies such as Littlewoods are already a client and the number of businesses of all sizes using the service is continuing to grow. Nearly half of the transactions take place outside of office hours which could suit your needs better.

For companies looking for a convenient alternative to the age-old system, to ensure they keep their business moving, this could be it. Why not check it out?

2 Responses to A Right Royal Alternative

  1. Great post. There are so many ways that Royal mail fail and to think there are alternatives makes it a competitive marketplace and means that such a big institution can’t rest on its laurels.
    I’m sure others will take advantage of this and looking at the company online it is clear they are making a big impact in the business world.

  2. I can’t see the many ways that Royal mail fails. They have been a great institution and one we should be proud of.
    It is not the company’s fault they haven’t had much competition to speak of. I guess it’s good there is now some so they can up their game.

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