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Action For The Week

TAKE personal responsibility for everything you say and do. Be clear on the exact outcomes, the results, you want.

Then make a true decision. Decide to go for what you want and settle for nothing less. If that action takes you closer to where you want to go, do more of the same. If not, then do something else.

(Extract from The Naked Millionaire)

2 Responses to Action For The Week

  1. True decisions are a great way to go.
    I often have to disregard a lot of other things to ‘separate the wheat from the chaf’ and then go with a decision I think is the best one at the time.
    That doesn’t mean it is always right. But it is the right one for that moment.

  2. I always know where i want to go and making that true decision is something that comes easily. I disregard a lot to make sure I am on the right track. The earlier I make the decision and get on with things the better.

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