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Action For The Week

CHANGE the way you talk to yourself. Many people believe the happiness in your life comes down to how you communicate with yourself – your internal dialogue.

Think of phrases you enjoy hearing and repeat them silently to yourself throughout the day. No one else need know you are doing this, except you will have a huge, knowing grin, and feel fantastic.

Remember you have a conscious mind and a subconscious mind. You need to massage your unconscious mind’s ego. Employ a can do attitude and your unconscious mind will instinctively know how to make it work. Try it.

Extract from The Naked Leader.

3 Responses to Action For The Week

  1. My philosophy has always been to stay positive.
    Why do people think they can’t achieve?
    Think you will, and you will.

  2. I agree, staying positive is the only way to live.
    Otherwise you wallow in the worry of taxes etc.
    Live life, be happy, worry about tomorrow, tomorrow.

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