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Action For The Week

MOST organisations recruit on the basis of ‘hard skills’: measurable, technical, learnable skills. Invariably employees leave, or are made redundant, or fired, on the grounds of so-called ‘softer’ skills – their personality or attitude. How can we change this situation?

Simple: Reverse it. Next time you recruit someone into your organisation, do so first and foremost on the basis of their passion. Ask different questions, invite new levels of opinion and openness, always asking yourself this simple question: does this person have the attitude, the personality and the energy, to help us, and for us to help them, succeed?

Celebrate passion, help cultivate passion and live your own life with passion.

(Extract from The Naked Millionaire).

3 Responses to Action For The Week

  1. Passionate people are what make a company and drive it.
    The safe ones have their say too but it is the people who really think off the wall and with that extra piece of creativity who can make the difference.

  2. It’s not just the passionate ones.
    It’s the logical thinkers that make the difference in some cases.
    It’s all very well thinking up creative aspects to a task but there are limits and sometimes the logical side of things is far more necessary and can actually save a business that isn’t particularly going in the right direction because of poor decision making.

  3. It takes all sorts to make a good business. You have to have different thought processes and they marry together as one.
    Without that cross section of ideas there is a problem as progression must come in the form of creativity allied to pragmatism.

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