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After 4 questions based on logic, Ray said this…

After 4 questions based on logic, Ray said this…

Naked Leader Week 833 – 5 August 2019

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In Naked Leader we partner with many companies for whom safety, technical expertise and engineering brilliance are at the forefront.

In one such company, on day one of their leadership programme, one delegate decided to challenge our fundamental ethos – that everything you need, to achieve anything that you want, you already have within you. As you, in your teams and as an organisation.

His first four questions were genius, testing and sparking engagement in the room. His fifth contribution was a simple statement:

“David, if everything that I need, to achieve anything that I want, is already within me…”

He paused, I said simply “yes”, readying myself for challenge number five.

… “Then, it follows, logically, that everything that stops me, must also be within me”

I stared at him – he stared back.

It was one of the most magical moments in my professional life.

He then said “I am so sorry David, that is quite a revelation for me”

I looked at him and said:

“I have been thinking, living and breathing this for over 20 years, and I have never, ever heard it put as simply as that. Thank you”

Everything that is stopping you from achieving your ambition, is already within you. And you can always fix what is stopping you, by what you already have within you.

With my love and best wishes to you all


he Business Mastermind – Podcast

Gavin Preston interviews David Taylor as one of his guests in his Business Mastermind Podcast series.

In Gavin’s own words “Listening back, I think it is an engaging and humorous interview stacked with value and a good account of the FGS (Formula for Guaranteed Success), Leadership and why we should focus on choice over change, so Naked Leader fans will enjoy it.”

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