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All Hail The Silent Majority

All Hail The Silent Majority

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All Hail The Silent Majority

You know who I mean:allhail_NL2

The vast majority of people in every organisation, who come to work on time, do a hard day’s work for a fair day’s pay, and then go home on time.

None of whom want to play politics, be promoted or want to be the future CEO.

They are, instead, the lifeblood of any, every, and your organisation.

The Silent Majority rarely speak out – if they did, they wouldn’t be living up to their name, would they?

That doesn’t make them any less important – it is vital to identify, acknowledge and value these people – a “thank you,” employee of the minute (link) or some way of quiet, understated recognition. Do whatever works.

And, as you read this, perhaps you are one of the silent majority. If you are – all hail you, thank you, because we need you.

And you know what, I am actually quite jealous of you. You do indeed have a home to go to, you have your life in balance, and you add huge value to organisations you work for.

I call on leaders everywhere, what are you doing to look after your silent majority?

Sometimes it is just a case of asking them what they enjoy about working for your company – It might be location, flexible hours or membership of a sports centre. Take note, and where possible improve on the the things they enjoy.

Be silent or have your say below

With my love and best wishes


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  1. Thats why I walk the long way around on my travels and thank and smile at this bedrock of our company. If they smile back it makes their day and it certainly makes my day.

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