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Approaches to Life

Approaches to Life

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Approaches to Life

I was recently drinking my bottle of water on a journey and, noticing it was natural spring water, I was reminded of a story at our 2015 Conference shared by my good friend Gavin Graveson, Chief Operating Officer of Veolia.

Picture if you will, an ancient glacier slowly making its way until it reaches a point where it is melting, and it falls as a beautiful waterfall, majestically flowing down a sheer vertical rock face and splashing into a pool of clean, pure water, untouched for a thousand years.

Or perhaps a thousand, thousand years.

As a visitor to this spot we might take a seat on the ground, experience the amazing scene, sounds and smells, and wonder at the marvel of time and nature. We might enjoy the power of the moment before dipping a cupped hand into the pool to drink.

Or we might come across this hidden beauty spot, and respectfully dip our empty water bottle into the glistening pond, fill it and screw on the lid and take a pre-printed sticker out of our back pack and stick it on the bottle – “Best before January 1st 2017” – my bottle of water on the train!

It got me thinking…

What are you thinking?

With my best wishes


5 Responses to Approaches to Life

  1. I find it sad that something that has had the patients and has taken so much time and trouble to transform its self from a naturally occurring solid to a beautiful spectacle for all to see and enjoy, Cleansed of impurities. Eventually ending up being taken for granted by people whose only concern is, how much does it cost.

  2. Thanks David, I do just love reading your musings. 2 minutes well spent. I’m thinking I’m lucky to have connected with you. Good thoughts breeds good actions. Mr Stephen Covey puts it well – What we see influences what we do, what we do ultimately impacts the results we get.

    Thank you David for sharing

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