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Balancing Act

IN business, such as in sport, you need hod carriers as well as artists, stability in harness with skill, while caution should be allied to courage and creativity.

Remember, as a team, you need to have a range of attributes to make business work and you should consider the objectives of the team and what it is you hope to achieve before recruiting. While thinking about the main tasks being undertaken, identify the competencies needed to overcome obstacles and complete the assignment – then decide on the people you need.

Make sure the team benefit from your recruitment decision. For instance, an all-rounder in terms of business acumen could get the vote over someone with first-rate technical ability and little other besides, especially if you have to compromise because of limited resources.

Which mix of people will benefit the entire unit? Make sure you have at your disposal creative flair, enthusiasm, decision-focus, dynamism, sound judgement, discipline, conscientiousness and knowledge. And a lot more besides.

That way, like the manager of a sports team who has the perfect blend of characteristics in his ranks, you know you are on to a sure-fire winner and can become world class.

3 Responses to Balancing Act

  1. The right mix of people, like Andy Murray has around him, is the way to go. It’s trial and error. It obviously works for him.
    The only exception I would say is that if a football team had 11 Cristiano Ronaldos it would not be beaten.

  2. Used to know a hod carrier, nothing wrong with that!
    And I accept that there are all sorts of different roles needed in business and we all have a part to play.

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