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Be A Goal Getter

MOST of us have goals. Scoring them at random is not normally the best practice though.

Try and find a natural progression in the order that you put them in. If you have a big challenge, try and break it up into smaller goals and chip away at the greater target.

Any planning you do must start in the mind and the vision you have set out for yourself. Visualise it every step of the way. Remember that old saying, ‘fail to plan and you plan to fail’.

2 Responses to Be A Goal Getter

  1. It is all the more rewarding when you score a goal if it one that you planned.
    Satisfaction always comes from something you have worked hard to achieve.

  2. Scoring them in the right order is not always possible so random targeting can be better in some cases.
    As long as you achieve, who cares how?

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