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Be A People Person (Part Three)

POWER to the people – something a manager needs to give to his or her staff if their business is to succeed.

People are what make your business work. So – rather like your finances – it is vital that employees are managed in the right way.

You can start by leading by example. Show your staff you are passionate about your work – it is bound to rub off on those around you. It will help them believe that what they are doing is worthwhile and can make a difference to others’ lives.

Get to know the people you work with as it then becomes easier to be around them. Make a real effort and take interest in their families and lives outside the office. You might even find a common theme, or passion that you enjoy. Always remember an occasional get-together after work in a relaxed environment can help build good relationships – while a less formal setting can prove useful to talk about a work issue that is perhaps a little too sensitive to raise on the company premises.

As a manager, think for yourself, and don’t be afraid to say what you think, provided you have the facts to back up an argument. Also, let people manage their own responsibilities to an extent, without micro-managing them. The more they can do for themselves in the workplace, managing and organising their own projects, the better they will become and the more self-esteem they will acquire. Ultimately, they will enjoy their work more which will lead to greater productivity.

Of course, you still have to keep an eye on things, to ensure targets are being met, for instance. Don’t be afraid to let go though as delegation benefits you and others, allowing colleagues to use their own effectiveness for the benefit of a common goal.

It is also vital to be fair-minded too. You won’t be an effective boss if you treat a person differently to somebody else. Personal prejudices should be put to one side and your colleagues treated fairly – failure to do this will mean you won’t get the best out of them.
How do you rate on the above? Room for improvement? If so, good, nobody is perfect and we can all learn to be a better professional each and every day.

(Based on an extract from The Greatest Management Tips in the World)

2 Responses to Be A People Person (Part Three)

  1. How true that people really matter.
    If you haven’t got the right staff yo9u won’t be able to implement the strategy you want to deliver as a company.
    Your vision has to incorporate the staff and their training requirements. people make businesses work, they have to have the right manner otherwise nobody will buy the company products.

  2. People are the glue that sticks a company together.
    They have to be nurtured, trained, rewarded and kept happy to produce their maximum.
    Let’s hope that evey business leader reading this is actively doing those things.

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