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Be A People Person (Part Two)

FOOTBALL has a Respect campaign – business should be no different. We have already established people are not just the number one asset of a company, they are its only asset. So it follows that an important aspect of the management of people is making sure you command respect as a manager, while affording others respect too.

Saying one thing and doing another is a sure-fire way to losing the respect of staff and colleagues. Insisting everyone be in at a certain time – then rolling in an hour later – is an example of how your standing among staff will be diminished.

Honesty is vital too. Don’t make promises you won’t keep – and don’t shirk the responsibility of delivering bad news. Be careful, sensitive and tell people in the right way, at the right time. Tell them what you know even though you might not be able to reveal as much as they would like. They will prefer that to being mislead.

Don’t express one view of an issue to one person, then another to somebody else. Duplicity leads to lack of trust. And take your job seriously. Maintain high standards, meet targets, while ensuring your team work efficiently and effectively, always striving for continued improvement.

Also, remember that work is not the be-all and end-all of life – someone might have other things on their mind so keep a sense of balance and proportion in your dealings with people. And have a sense of humour. Even serious subjects can benefit from it. It is also vital to show you enjoy your work. Of course, some tasks are less enjoyable than others. Being upbeat and positive can be infectious though, and will help keep others to carry on smiling too.

(Based on an extract from The Greatest Management tips in the World)

4 Responses to Be A People Person (Part Two)

  1. Showing respect to your employees is equally important.
    It must be a two-way thing.
    You will command respect if you respect others. Simple.

  2. You are right, it is two way.
    You have to command respect and making sure you take in other people’s views is one way of doing that.

  3. Being visible as a leader rather than just shoving yourself away in an office is also the way to be.
    That way you can let people know what you are doing, and what you aren’t doing and they can judge you from there.

  4. My employers didn’t show me respect. That’s why I left to go it alone.
    I’m a far happier person for it even though not so well off!

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