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Be recognised for the work you do without…

Be recognised for the work you do without…

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How to be recognised for the work you do without shouting about it – in Royal Flush order….

Ace – Get known in your organisation as being an obvious expert in something so you become the go too person in that area – do not brag – just make it obvious – e.g. project leadership.

King – Make a list of the most powerful and influential people in the organisation – remember PAs are more powerful than the Executives they support. Ask for their “help, advice and guidance”– people love to be asked for their advice – thank them for it and when you complete your work say “I couldn’t have done it without (name).”

Queen – Building on that last point take the blame for everything and the credit for nothing (this sounds counter intuitive – it works).

Jack – Get your Customers and Clients talking about and acknowledging the good work that you do – and when they do, say thank you and

TenContribute in meetings, projects and at every opportunity – be clear, concise and compelling.

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